Australian Ejiao Products

Australian Ejiao Manuka Honey

Australian Manuka with Ejiao

Our Manuka Honey is delicately blended with Natural Equilibrium™ Ejiao, which has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years to enrich and improve wellbeing.

Australian Ejiao Donkey Hide Glue

Ready To Go Ejiao

Our premium Australian Ejiao is prepared and packaged in ready to go sachets so they are hassle free. Combining modern technology with the wisdom of traditional recipes this is a natural wellness product.

Australian Ejiao Jujube Snack Bar

Ejiao Snack Bar

Traditional ejiao made with the finest Australian ingredients. Inspired by traditional Chinese recipes that are hundreds of years old, our snack bar is delicious and nourishing.

About Us

Our Story

Natural Equilibrium produces premium Australian traditional ejiao products by combining the finest natural ingredients with modern technology. We source our traceable ingredients from the most pristine Australian environments and formulate them based on traditional recipes to deliver healthy nourishment.

Our Technology

All Natural Equilibrium products are manufactured and packaged in Australia using state of the art technology to ensure utmost quality and safety. Australia is revered for its unmatched food, supplement and pharmaceutical production standards. Natural Equilibrium™ exceeds all of Australia’s production standards.

Australian Donkeys

Our Sources

We source our traceable ingredients from the most pristine Australian environments. Our team expertly selects only the finest that mother nature has to offer.

Our animals are humanely treated and cared for. They are only transitioned from the wild when ready.



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